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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mai Otome Zwei - Extended Ending

Mai Otome Zwei - Extended Ending

Here's an Extended Ending.... I was looking for the Extras with subtitles but I just can't seem to find them. I was able to watch it a year ago but it looks like those were already removed. *sigh* Anyway----

*thumbs up* fro Natsuki!!! For her unique skill in playing golf. Hahahaha...XD

*thumbs up* for Shizuru!!! For being such a smooth talker... This is why she's way too popular especially with girls.

*thumbs up* for Haruka!!! when she said to Shizuru,

"Hey, don't get any weird ideas about that little girl."

*thumbs up* for Nao!!! ---- For teasing Natsuki by saying,

"Oh, she's cheating right in front of you.".....

"I thought it was because you wanted to spend some alone time with your love."

*thumbs up* gain for Haruka!!! ---- For her words of wisdom...XD

"Save the strong, defeat the weak...."

Hahahaha... That's really hilarious.... LOL!!!

-----Video uploaded by NatShizKruger

Mai Otome Scenes

Here's another Mai Otome scenes. When I watched this, I just whispered "So this is another way of washing" but then again "I think it's just Nao's way of washing".... *nosebleed* I just don't know how to react on this.... *faints*

-----Video uploaded by underthemoonbeam  

Mai Otome Scenes

Here's another Mai Otome scenes. This one is really funny and the song is really playful. Haruka's scenes rock!! \m/(^_^)\m/

 -----Video uploaded by ristanni

Thursday, September 9, 2010

K-On! Season One - Hazardous Job

Hazardous Job

This is one of my favorite scenes of K-On! Season One... This one is from episode two wherein the girls applied for a part-time job to earn money for Yui's guitar. I can't believe that their part-time job affected them that much.... Very, very, very dangerous job.... Hahahah.... XD

-----Video uploaded by infojek21

K-ON!! - Mio & Ritsu practicing for the play

Mio & Ritsu Practiced For Romeo And Juliet

This is one of my favorite scenes in K-On!! Season Two. I can't stopped laughing when Ritsu finally snapped because of Juliet's lines. It's a good thing that Shakespeare wasn't there... LOL!!!

-----Video uploaded by PlinnRodolf

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

K-On! Doujin - Azusa x Yui 4-koma Tsume Awase

Azusa x Yui 4-koma Tsume Awase

"Azusa x Yui 4-koma Tsume Awase" by Shimofuri Kaeru was scanlated and released by Solelo. I was really speechless regarding Azusa's boldness. Then, I just thought, "Eh? How bold... Are these the new samples of pick up lines....?" Hahaha.... LOL!!! XD

Saturday, September 4, 2010

K-On!! Season 2 - Pillow Fight!!!

Pillow Fight!!!

Here's another scene from Season 2 of K-On!!. It was really surprising that Mugi was the one who started the Pillow Fight. It was quite a ruckus but Sawa-chan came and suddenly, it's like nothing happened. Hahahaha. It's always Ritsu who gets the punishment...Poor Ritsu.... XD

-----Video uploaded by AkiyamaZakuro

K-On!! Season 2 - Omochi Race!!!

Omochi Race!!!

Here's one of my favorite scenes from Season 2 of K-On!!! Because of Yui's words, the other girls tried to speed up even though they were just thinking of taking their time while they're on the marathon since they're not good at it. Mio, on the other hand, doesn't want to be the last because it was way too flashy but in the end, she ended the marathon with some acrobatic moves. Is that even possible? That roll over thing-y?? Anyway, additional fans for her!!! Hahahaha... XD

-----Video uploaded by AkiyamaZakuro

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

K-On! Doujin - Study time

Study time

"Study time" was scanlated and released by Solelo.

It started when Yui and Azusa were studying together but Yui got exhausted even though she hasn't done anything yet. Well, that's so Yui so I'm not really surprise. But I'm surprised about Azusa's proposal of giving her a kiss as a reward if she'll work hard. How bold---- that it even caught Yui's attention...

Hahaha... The thing is, she got her reward before doing the condition first. Way to go, Yui!!! There were also some love declaration... Hhmm, I wonder where Ui is??? Well, whatever... ^_^

And so, after some lovey-dovey moments, they started studying again but it looks like they went back to zero because they're talking about the reward again.... Hehehehe....

K-On! Doujin - Excuse


"Excuse" by Shimofuri Kaeru was scanlated and released by Solelo. Mio and Ritsu are really cute when they're together especially when Mio shows her "dere" side. Hahaha. I thought that she got mad but it turned out to be some kind of proposal.... Hahaha... So cute... (^_^)

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