I just wanna take this opportunity to thank all those people who visited this blog. And also, my deepest gratitude to those who posted their comments and gave me some advices. Every comment that this blog received really made me happy. I'm really happy whenever I can share my own thoughts but it makes me even happier whenever someone share their own thoughts. To be able to share all of these made me think that "I'm really glad that I tried creating a blog even though it was just a whim, back then."

Oh right.... If I have some mistakes, please don't hesitate to tell me. Comments or even suggestions will do especially in my grammar... I'm aware that I have some but I just don't know where. I'm prone in making mistakes so please bear with me...

Again, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! c^_-)v

====NOTE: Again,sorry and thank you to those who visit my blog while I was busy with other things to be finished....====

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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Takamachi Family's Situation

NanoFate Doujin - The Takamachi Family's Situation

Here's another doujin that was released by NanoFate.us. *sigh* My updates were really late but I really love reading doujins that features Nanoha and Fate. Oh and fanfictions too. So cute.. XD *cough* Anyway, This doujin was made by the circle Mashed Mashiro according to NanoFate... It's really funny and I like the expressions of Fate (she's my favorite!).

See, I told you. Fate's expressions are priceless! LOL! Well, considering that the reason is Nanoha made this doujin really cute... She tried to act as some wife who welcomes her wifey (Fate) which was taken seriously by Fate while Hayate just amused herself by watching the two.

Fate has no idea regarding the real traditions on earth which was taken for granted by the other two. Hayate gave her an idea with Signum as the model which surprised Fate a lot. Fate's mind was confused and the two girls just continued with their mind blowing facts and exaggerated acts.

They were able to convince her to wear a kimono (more like a kappougi according to them) and made her do this and that (whatever that is). Nanoha and Hayate were really happy while Fate has this indescribable   reaction because of the devilish look and ideas of her two best friends.

Fate told Signum what happened but just like her, she was tricked by her mistress so Fate believed that what the two said to her were really true. Nanoha repented from the things that they did to Fate but the blond was the one who apologized first for not believing them. She even showed the DVD that Signum got from Hayate and surprised Nanoha for she know that whatever's inside that DVD isn't good.

The two were able to tell how they really feel and even cleared the misunderstandings. In the end, Nanoha told Fate that the information that was stored in the DVD was definitely wrong and she had a bad feeling that Hayate was the one who made it to fool Signum. XD

Baby! Baby! Baby!

NanoFate Doujin - Baby! Baby! Baby!

It's been a month since I last posted something in my blog. To start it off, here's a released from Nanofate.us. "Baby! Baby! Baby!" is another wonderful work by Tokoharu.With all the art and plot, you can really never get enough with Tokoharu's doujins. I saw the raws before that's why I was really anxious to see the scanlated one.

It's a very fluffy story about Nanoha and Fate. Nanoha admitted that she overheard when someone confessed to Fate and got jealous. Fate reassured that she turned it down and how much she likes Nanoha. She tried to convince Nanoha but the girl only thought that she was the only one who was sulking that made her feel down. Fate tried to apologize but Nanoha said that she will forgive her if she will give her a kiss and guess what??? Of course they kissed but Fate teased her a little by kissing her in the cheek but immediately kissed her in the lips when Nanoha starts to cry. Fate confessed how much she loves Nanoha but she also likes it when she smiles with everyone else. Fate being a smooth talker also said that Nanoha's kiss is hers alone or else, she'll get jealous that made Nanoha really happy. 

Here's another extra something that will make your heart flutter. Awww... Tokoharu always amaze me with the doujins and I'm really glad that there's Nanofate.us that features Nanoha and Fate. *thumbs up*

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mai Otome Zwei - Extended Ending

Mai Otome Zwei - Extended Ending

Here's an Extended Ending.... I was looking for the Extras with subtitles but I just can't seem to find them. I was able to watch it a year ago but it looks like those were already removed. *sigh* Anyway----

*thumbs up* fro Natsuki!!! For her unique skill in playing golf. Hahahaha...XD

*thumbs up* for Shizuru!!! For being such a smooth talker... This is why she's way too popular especially with girls.

*thumbs up* for Haruka!!! when she said to Shizuru,

"Hey, don't get any weird ideas about that little girl."

*thumbs up* for Nao!!! ---- For teasing Natsuki by saying,

"Oh, she's cheating right in front of you.".....

"I thought it was because you wanted to spend some alone time with your love."

*thumbs up* gain for Haruka!!! ---- For her words of wisdom...XD

"Save the strong, defeat the weak...."

Hahahaha... That's really hilarious.... LOL!!!

-----Video uploaded by NatShizKruger

Mai Otome Scenes

Here's another Mai Otome scenes. When I watched this, I just whispered "So this is another way of washing" but then again "I think it's just Nao's way of washing".... *nosebleed* I just don't know how to react on this.... *faints*

-----Video uploaded by underthemoonbeam  

Mai Otome Scenes

Here's another Mai Otome scenes. This one is really funny and the song is really playful. Haruka's scenes rock!! \m/(^_^)\m/

 -----Video uploaded by ristanni

Thursday, September 9, 2010

K-On! Season One - Hazardous Job

Hazardous Job

This is one of my favorite scenes of K-On! Season One... This one is from episode two wherein the girls applied for a part-time job to earn money for Yui's guitar. I can't believe that their part-time job affected them that much.... Very, very, very dangerous job.... Hahahah.... XD

-----Video uploaded by infojek21

K-ON!! - Mio & Ritsu practicing for the play

Mio & Ritsu Practiced For Romeo And Juliet

This is one of my favorite scenes in K-On!! Season Two. I can't stopped laughing when Ritsu finally snapped because of Juliet's lines. It's a good thing that Shakespeare wasn't there... LOL!!!

-----Video uploaded by PlinnRodolf

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

K-On! Doujin - Azusa x Yui 4-koma Tsume Awase

Azusa x Yui 4-koma Tsume Awase

"Azusa x Yui 4-koma Tsume Awase" by Shimofuri Kaeru was scanlated and released by Solelo. I was really speechless regarding Azusa's boldness. Then, I just thought, "Eh? How bold... Are these the new samples of pick up lines....?" Hahaha.... LOL!!! XD

Saturday, September 4, 2010

K-On!! Season 2 - Pillow Fight!!!

Pillow Fight!!!

Here's another scene from Season 2 of K-On!!. It was really surprising that Mugi was the one who started the Pillow Fight. It was quite a ruckus but Sawa-chan came and suddenly, it's like nothing happened. Hahahaha. It's always Ritsu who gets the punishment...Poor Ritsu.... XD

-----Video uploaded by AkiyamaZakuro

K-On!! Season 2 - Omochi Race!!!

Omochi Race!!!

Here's one of my favorite scenes from Season 2 of K-On!!! Because of Yui's words, the other girls tried to speed up even though they were just thinking of taking their time while they're on the marathon since they're not good at it. Mio, on the other hand, doesn't want to be the last because it was way too flashy but in the end, she ended the marathon with some acrobatic moves. Is that even possible? That roll over thing-y?? Anyway, additional fans for her!!! Hahahaha... XD

-----Video uploaded by AkiyamaZakuro

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

K-On! Doujin - Study time

Study time

"Study time" was scanlated and released by Solelo.

It started when Yui and Azusa were studying together but Yui got exhausted even though she hasn't done anything yet. Well, that's so Yui so I'm not really surprise. But I'm surprised about Azusa's proposal of giving her a kiss as a reward if she'll work hard. How bold---- that it even caught Yui's attention...

Hahaha... The thing is, she got her reward before doing the condition first. Way to go, Yui!!! There were also some love declaration... Hhmm, I wonder where Ui is??? Well, whatever... ^_^

And so, after some lovey-dovey moments, they started studying again but it looks like they went back to zero because they're talking about the reward again.... Hehehehe....

K-On! Doujin - Excuse


"Excuse" by Shimofuri Kaeru was scanlated and released by Solelo. Mio and Ritsu are really cute when they're together especially when Mio shows her "dere" side. Hahaha. I thought that she got mad but it turned out to be some kind of proposal.... Hahaha... So cute... (^_^)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sasamaki Koto - Chapter 41 [RAW]

Sasameki Koto - Chapter 41 [RAW]

Here's some translation for Chapter 41. It's not that detailed but it's better than just making assumptions just by looking at the panels. It still depends on you but the credit should be given to Pika who shared this summary.

Here's the summary...

Akemiya come as a girl which shock Tomoe&co. And then they figured out that Akemi-chan and Akemiya-kun is the same person.
After that Akemiya apologize to Sumika for dressing up as a girl,
but Sumika said it’s alright, she doesn’t really want to be the student council president anyway.
Sumika commented that Akemiya really like crossdressing.
Then Akemiya said that he knows it’s weird but he can’t help it and in addition it’s bad to lie to yourself. Sumika then said he’s quite amazing.
Back to Tomoe & co., Tomoe said that the act has to be changed, but if Kazama is here with them, she might stop the whole thing.
And then the other girl assumed it’s because Sumika and Kazama are actually going out.
But Tomoe explain that it’s because if Sumika said “That’s not my hobby” in front of Kazama, it will hurt Kazama’s feeling, even if it is an act.
Tomoe quietly thinking, even if it is an act, forcing Sumika to say that sentence is too cruel.
Sumika is thinking that she admired Akemiya’s courage to be who he is, while she is still running away.
After arriving at open space where the 3 stalkers can take pictures,
Akemiya (which the 3 stalkers still think that it’s a girl) confess to Sumika.
But Sumika can’t say the line, because to her even if it’s an act she just can’ say it.
Then Akemiya hug her, which make Tomoe&co. pray for his life (LOL).
While Kazama at home is thinking whether Sumika and the others are having fun (plenty!).


By the way, if you want to get the raw, you can download it here.

http://www.mediafire.com/?xltctc58m5l4juc (From Yurigirl's blog)


http://www.mediafire.com/?t34snw0ulq956sk (From ShiroAka)

Octave - Chapter 31

Octave - Chapter 31

Waaah!!! It's really here!!! Chapter 31 of Octave is finally released. It was scanlated and released by Tranquil Spring and it's quite refreshing in my eyes. I'm really glad that they were able to released this chapter. I've been dying to see the translated one.

Yukino and Setsuko were reunited again and they ended up sleeping at Setsuko's place. Setsuko's sleeping face is just too cute. Kyaaa~~...(^_^)

They were supposed to stay at home because Setsuko wanted to sleep for the whole day but they gor hungry so they decided to eat outside. Setsuko greeted Yukino Belated Happy Birthday and told her that they should go shopping for Yukino's presents but she rejected the idea. Instead, she told Setsuko that she prefers staying at home. After that, Setsuko hurried back home that confused Yukino because they were supposed to go in a convenience store. Setsuko told her the reason and she's really blunt about it. Yukino was just speechless but they followed Setsuko's idea.

Hhhmm, I didn't even notice that the birthday of Yukino was mentioned on the previous chapters. c",)????

They just stayed at home while doing the usual things. They look like a newlywed couple. ^_^  One morning, Setsuko left a note for Yukino saying that she went to the grocery and asked her to hang the clothes. Hehehe. I can't believe that she put a heart in her note. It's out of her character but it's really cute. Kyaaa~~

*cough* Anyway, Setsuko finally arrived and Yukino told her about the underwear issue. Setsuko told her that it's okay because they will be able to see more of their every aspects when they live together. With excitement, Yukino asked Setsuko on when can she move in and Setsuko replied that why not today. Hahaha. These two are really something especially Setsuko.

They were able to get most of Yukino's things from her apartment. Yukino mentioned to Setsuko about some email and apologized because Setsuko wasn't able to work because of her... Tsk... Tsk... Don't worry about that Yukino... This is way better than during the time when both of you haven't been able to meet because of some misunderstanding. It almost made Setsuko miserable without you by her side and having the thought of you dumping her. Anyway, back to the chapter. Hehehe... An idiot couple??? Just kidding... It's just that they're really cute when they became so formal of living together. Kyaa~~~ Setsuko is way too cute when she's blushing... *squeal*

Yukino finally said her goodbye to her old apartment after getting all her things. While taking a bath, Setsuko told Yukino that she could die for her but Yukino told her that she won't like her if she's like that (I don't think that she's really serious when she said that). Setsuko suddenly sulked and asked Yukino if she doesn't like her.... Waaahh!!! My heart skipped a beat after reading this part. She's just too cute and somehow childish here compared to her previous self. *squeal*

After some love declaration for each other, Setsuko cheered up again and told her that they look like a sappy couple. Yukino got mad again and turn back. Setsuko apologized while leaning in her back and said,

"Please don't hate me."

Kyaaa~~ What's wrong with Setsuko??? She's way too different... Just kidding. Her behavior in this chapter is a real moe. Even though Yukino wasn't really mad, she really took it seriously. Its only an indication that she's really head over heals for Yukino. It's only natural to say those things when one doesn't know how to expressed her real feelings especially when it's a feeling of overflowing happiness. This is great!!! Just great!!! I'm really anxious to know what will happen in the next chapter... Wait.... I also said that last time and also in the previous chapters before that. XD

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mai Otome Scene

Group Of Girls + Alcohol = ???

Note: Alcohol can be really dangerous but actually, it's the person who got drunk because of it is the most dangerous one!!! Hahahaha.... XD This scene is really hilarious and---- (*_*)waaaaahhh *nosebleed*

-----Video uploaded by ristanni

Candy Boy AMV

Candy Boy AMV — Featuring Saku-chan....

Here's another Candy Boy AMV but this time, it features Sakuya. For those who doesn't recognize her, she's the freshman who has an obsessive crush on Kana-chan. She really reminds me of Kuroko of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. I like her for her non-stop energy and determination but still, she doesn't have a chance against Yuki-chan. The AMV is really nice...^_^

*sigh* I'm really weak against this kind of music. The song that was used in this AMV is really (~_~) awwwww..

-----Video made by Imperturbable

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Candy Boy AMV

Yukino x Kana AMV

This is an AMV about Yuki and Kana... Love the song!!! And most of all, it's really fun watching them when they're together, don't you think?! It makes one feel like awwwwwwww~~~. Pretty soothing, isn't it?

-----Video uploaded by shiznat4eva

Candy Boy

Some Cute Scenes Of Candy Boy...

 I suddenly remembered YukinoxKana pairing so I thought, why not posts some scenes that I really find cute... Then, I saw this video that features some cute scenes from this anime... Yukino is always cute with her childish personality... And most of all, she's really cute with her fox-like PJs... Who would dare to refuse her cuteness especially when she's sleeping?!! Na-Ah!!! Not Me!!! Awwwww... ^_^

-----Video uploaded by djgcko

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Octave - Chapter 30

Octave - Chapter 30

Here's the most anticipated chapter of Octave scanlated and released by Tranquil Spring wherein Yukino and Setsuko finally got reunited. Well, the chapters from this manga keeps getting better and better...

Awwww.. Setsuko's really sweet for waiting for Yukino's return. And also, a blushing Setsuko is really cute.... Hhmm, it's like Yukino became more mature and casual than before. Back then, she's really polite whenever she speaks with Setsuko. She even adds -san... Hhmmmmm c",)???

And Setsuko has changed too. Looks like their parting changed them in some way. Yukino talks like she's older than Setsuko. It's somehow refreshing to see them like this once on a while.

Heeehhh---- Nice one there, Yukino!!! *thumbs up* It's a good thing that they were able to convey their feelings and at the same time, they were able to clear all their misunderstandings.

Here's my favorite part of this chapter... It made me think "that is so true"... Many people might disagree but for me, it's really true that there's no such thing as forever. That nothing will remains the same and the only permanent in this world is change.  But despite that, I still believe in words like "unforgettable moment" or "memorable moment". It doesn't matter if it will last forever or not, just as long as you were able to do everything that is needed to be done without any sign of regret. It's like "live like there's no tomorrow". Some people fall in love with someone but get scared that it may not last that's why they hesitate to love to the fullest, but I totally disagree on that way of thinking. I think it's better that we give our 100% love even if there's a possibility that time will come that both of you will part. Instead of thinking on how long it will last, why not think of ways that you can do to make every moment unforgettable. It's better to love and lose love than to not have loved at all.

Future is one to be considered but don't you think that present is more important. We can remember our past but there's nothing we can do about it since it already happened and we can plan our future but plans are still just plans, we don't even know if we can follow it. But present, it is the moment where we can do what we want. It is the only moment where we can correct the things that we want correct in our past and do something as a stepping stone for our future. Anyway' it's just my opinion... I just can't forget Yukino's line.... *peace* =P

It's pretty obvious that they're head over heels in love with each other. SO cute!!!! ^_^

Sasameki Koto AMV

Sasameki Koto AMV

Here's another AMV of Sasameki Koto...It can't be helped, you know. The music is very soothing and also fits the video....

-----Video uploaded by Josigi 

Sasameki Koto AMV

Sasameki Koto AMV - Falling In Love With You

This is an AMV about Ushio and Sumika of Sasameki Koto... The song is really cute as well as the video... Geez, it would be nice if Sasameki Koto has a Second Season... The manga version just keeps getting better and better... Those two are just adorable... ^_^

-----Video uploaded by yuristudio

Sasameki Koto - "Oh Jesus" Moment

"Oh Jesus" Moment

Here's one of the funniest scenes of Sasameki Koto that I will never forget... When I first watched this scene, I burst out laughing. I even watched it countless times and still, I never got tired of laughing. This scene is from Episode 11 wherein the gang went to the pool to make up for missing the beach. Miyako's expression was priceless!!! LOL!!! XD

-----Video uploaded by AznTubeChannel

Girl Friends - Chapter 35 is finally out!!!

Girl Friends - Chapter 35

First of all, biggest thanks to MakiMaki Scanlations for all its hard work for Girl Friends. Despite all those suspensions and troubles, it didn't stop MakiMaki to scanlate this manga. I'm also glad that its original site is finally back. And most of all, let's not forget Morinaga Milk who's responsible for this wonderful manga. I'm really sad that it ended but at the same time happy  that Mari and Akko are still together until the very end.

There are so many surprises in the final chapter of Girl Friends. I'm really surprise that Mari's hair has really grown but it suits her. And I was also surprised that it's already time for their graduation... So fast!!! =O

I really don't know if Naru's happy, shy or sad... Is it because of her baby or graduation??? I was really confused about that. It's not just me, but her students as well. It's a good thing that it is only Mari who discovered the picture of Naru's husband. *sigh* She could pick a better guy if he wants too because she's beautiful, you know. Oh, their new homeroom teacher was also there but he was totally ignored. I even thought that he's a father of some student there. See--- the one who's holding a bouquet.

It seems like it's the first time that Mari was able to meet Akko's mother in person. Well, it's also the first time that Akko was able to meet Mari's parents as well.

Is it just me or is it like Mari's way of looking is pretty odd when Kuno mentioned the word mixer to Akko. Hehehe... It can't be helped....

It's a good thing that Sugi-chan was there. Akko and Mari were able to spend time with just the two of them. But whoa for Sugi-chan!!! Having six boyfriends is so extreme!

I was really touched by their conversation here. They already know the obstacles that they will face in the future but they're still positive. Reading this almost made me want to cry...

*sniff* *sniff* I'm not crying.... I'm not crying.... I'm gonna miss this manga so much!!!!

Mari's so beautiful here. I'm really glad that they're still together... But whew! I really thought that the girl she was talking to is Akko. It's a good thing that she was just a classmate of Mari. Still, I was hoping I could see Akko (the grown up version).

Oh, right! If you want to download the chapter, you can just go to MakiMaki Scanlations or Yurigirl's Blog

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On My Tiptoes in October

Junsui Adolescence

On My Tiptoes in October

Here's another manga about Matsumoto and Nanao... "On My Tiptoes in October" by Kowo Kazuma was scanlated and released  Lililicious.

One night, Matsumoto and Nanao bumped into each other. While they were having a conversation, Matsumoto's friends called out for her. Nanao joined them and realized that there's a huge gap between her and Matsumoto. I still wonder why Nanao never called Matsumoto by her first name even though they're already going out with each other... The name Ritsuko is really nice, you know... ^^,) Hhmmm,???

One of Matsumoto's friend mentioned that "school nurse" sounds kind of sexy that shocked Nanao and immediately objected about Matsumoto being sexy... Matsumoto's facial expression (it's pretty sexy, in a way) changed and said that she's sexy. Matsumoto's friends burst out laughing then left leaving the two girls alone. Nanao asked Matsumoto again if she's sexy and she replied that she's sexy. Yup! No doubt about it... Matsumoto is really sexy here... I'm not just referring about her body... I'm referring to her look and smile...

Matsumoto gave the key to her apartment to Nanao. Then, she went to Matsumoto's apartment for the first time. While she was there, she thought of wanting to grow up immediately and put on some lipstick. Hhmm, you're still young Nanao so you don't need to put on some lipstick... Matsumoto came home drunk and suddenly hugged Nanao while telling her that she doesn't care if anything else is taken but she doesn't want anyone takes Nanao away from her. Well, they say that most of the people are honest when they are in the state of drunkenness... Because of the things that Nanao discovered about Matsumoto, she became more eager to grow up but at the same time, she realized that growing up is really hard.

Girl Friends Chapter 35 [Raw] is finally out!!!

 Girl Friends Chapter 35 [Raw] is finally out!!!

Here are some of the images from Chapter 35 of Girl Friends....

I was really surprised that it was already available in the internet. My heart was beating so fast while I was waiting for my laptop to finish the download... Mari's (the grown up one) long hair suits her better than her short hair back then. Now, I'll just have to wait for someone to translate it and most of all, I'll be waiting for MakiMaki's scanlation for this chapter...

If you really want to see the whole chapter, you can just download it here:

http://www.mediafire.com/?cblidnla91df4q2  [from Anonymous]


Whichever one works for you is fine.... ^_^

Summer Window Syndrome

Junsui Adolescence

Summer Window Syndrome

"Summer Window Syndrome" by Kowo Kazuma was scanlated and released by Lililicious. It's about a student-teacher romance. Just like Maple Love, it is also one of the mangas that first captured my attention...

Matsumoto's first impression of Nanao was pretty awful because of her bluntness and for not calling her sensei (means professor) but she still finds her cute sometimes...

Nanao noticed that Matsumoto is not wearing her engagement ring anymore so she asked Matsumoto immediately about it... Matsumoto explained that it's because they broke up and it's perfectly normal, she added. Then, Matsumoto mentioned Nanao's first name but Nanao immediately told her not to mention her first name again and left.

Matsumoto kept wondering why Nanao doesn't want to call her by her first name and what's more, she's more bothered for not being able to call her by her first name than her canceled engagement. Nanao suddenly appeared beside her and said,

"I like my first name."

"I let everyone else use it."

"But I can't let you, Matsumoto."

"It's like your voice grabs ahold of my heart..."

"It hurts."

Nanao still continued explaining things to Matsumoto but she was interrupted by her when she called Nanao's name again and again. Nanao finally snapped out and said,

"Because... Even if you fell in love with me, you wouldn't be serious about it...!!"

She fell silent when Matsumoto suddenly kissed her and said,

"... Then"

"Why don't you shut me up?"

Matsumoto suddenly collapsed... Why? It's not because of the tension going on between them but because she hadn't eaten yet ever since Nanao told her not to mention her name again... Pretty serious, huh... After she regain her consciousness, she told Nanao that she might feel better if she will give her a kiss. Before kissing Matsumoto, Nanao made sure that no one will see them. After a while, Nanao told Matsumoto (with a dead serious face) that she doesn't mind if they were just fooling around. Then, Matsumoto whispered in her ear,
"No Way."

"Not now that I've finally gotten serious about it."

Kyaaa~~ Nice one Matsumoto!!! XD

Maple Love

Maple Love

For now, I'm just gonna post my favorite mangas... Maple Love is one of the mangas that captured my attention when I just found out about Yuri and Shojo Ai genre around last November... I read it a couple of times because the story is really nice and at the same time, funny...

Maple Love by Hiyori Otsu was scanlated and released by Lililicious. It's about two college students become friends, but one of them has fallen for the other...

It started when Kaede was about to take a nap when she overheard some some guy confessing to a girl. She tried her best not to be found out but her phone suddenly rung that interrupted them... The guy left and the girl smiled at Kaede and this is how they first met.

Erika introduced herself and told Kaede that she likes girls. Then, she kissed Kaede but she got slapped. Instead of getting mad, Erika was a bit surprised but at the same time took interest to Kaede.

Well, that's a very unusual first meeting... Hehehe... Kaede's reaction was very different... Normally, others will get embarrassed after they got kissed but instead, she just reacted as if it was nothing (except the fact that she slapped her, though).

The following day, Erika went to Kaede and confessed. Now that was fast!!! But, Kaede said that she can't go out with her because she doesn't like her... Now that's very blunt!!! However, instead of giving up, Erika suggested that how about as friends and Kaede agreed on the idea of becoming friends. Erika took a picture of them and told her that she likes to take pictures of the things that makes her happy.


Kaede's friend told her that she should be careful because Erika steals her friends' boyfriends. Kaede asked Erika about that rumor and Erika said that it's true and it's because her friends' boyfriends just fall for her. Instead of saying some bad comments, Kaede doesn't seem to care about it and just told her that it must be hard being cute... Hahaha... Kaede's really interesting, isn't she? XD Erika added that she also took her friend's guy just to break up them up... Wooow--- they're really open to each other...

She also added that Kaede's the only one for her now and that they're  friends but she just happen to love her... Nice recovery there, Erika! *thumbs up* 

Kaede started to wonder if they're just friends because of the things that were going on between them. The next day, Kaede's friend invited Kaede to a mixer and asked her to invite Erika because some guy wanted to meet her. She then asked Erika and accepted the invitation without any second thought. Because of this, Kaede somehow doubted Erika's feelings for her... I'm really glad that she became aware of Erika's feelings... ^_^

During the mixer, Erika became the center of attention and the other girls were ignored. Kaede, on the other hand, just ate while staring at Erika. After that, she suddenly went closely to Erika and found out that she has a fever. Kaede's really something. She doesn't need to go over the table. Hehehe...

Now here's the comes the best best part of this manga. Kaede took Erika home and asked her why did she forced herself to come even though she has a fever. Erika replied,

"... You're-- a great girl"

"... So someone might have stolen you away..."

"I didn't-- want that to happen..."

Whoa! Talking about karma.... But awwww... That's so sweet of her.... Because of this, Kaede finally realized her true feelings for Erika. She then asked Erika what she wants and Erika replied back that it's Kaede that she wants. Kaede was surprised but told Erika she can have her then finally kissed her. Erika cried and told Kaede that she might catch her cold but Kaede replied that it's okay as long as she will be there to nurse her back to health...

Oh c'mon! Feeling the love here... Feeling the love.... *squeal*

Kaede pondered if there's anything change after they discovered that their love is mutual. The manga ended when Kaede bluntly asked Erika on how two girls have sex.... Hahaha... That's a real surprised and what's more, she said it bluntly without any sign of malice... They're so adorable, aren't they?? ;D

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kuttsukiboshi OVA Eng Sub

Kuttsukiboshi OVA Eng Sub

Since I don't have my laptop with me right now, I decided to post this OVA... For all of you who already watched the raw, some may dare to watch it again and some may not because of the last scene. As for those who haven't watched it yet---

Warning: It contains Yuri scenes and be prepared for the last scene...

I'm not saying this to discourage you... It's just that many find it disappointing but there were few who find it okay... It's still your decision whether you'll watch it or not but it's just the first part. The next part will be release next summer...

By the way, if you want to download the OVA, you can just download it from Yurigirl's Blog... ;D 

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Friday, August 20, 2010

K-On!! Season 2 Episode 20 Part 9

K-On!! Season 2 Episode 20


And so, the touching and emotional moments continues......

Ritsu tries to cheer up Mio by telling some jokes (was that really a joke?)... They really look cute when they're together. 

Mio was able to laugh again because of Ritsu.  *sigh* You're not being honest Ritsu. Sweat doesn't comes out from eyes, you know.

Azusa's really calm even though her senpais were all crying. She even manage to take care of them.

Waahhhh.... Such great bonding... It's really nice to have close friends... (^_^)

Their emotions were really overflowing here. Azusa, you can cry anytime now... Geez, you're a one tough kouhai...

Group hug guys! These scenes really brought tears in my eyes. =,<

Sawa-chan was really excited to see the girls because she's expecting praises coming from them because of her surprise. But-----

I'm sorry Sawa-chan.... It looks like the girls fell asleep after crying. You can still notice that they really cried a lot because of their faces... *sigh* They're so adorable. =,>

I didn't expect that Episode 20 will turn out like this. It was really emotional compared from its manga version. The new songs were great... The performance was great... The intense feelings coming from the girls were really great!!! It made me feel happiness but at the same time, sadness... This is one of the episodes of this anime that I will never forget... I can't even stop thinking about the new songs and their faces while they were performing.... Hehehehe...;D

My Favorite Couples...