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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Takamachi Family's Situation

NanoFate Doujin - The Takamachi Family's Situation

Here's another doujin that was released by NanoFate.us. *sigh* My updates were really late but I really love reading doujins that features Nanoha and Fate. Oh and fanfictions too. So cute.. XD *cough* Anyway, This doujin was made by the circle Mashed Mashiro according to NanoFate... It's really funny and I like the expressions of Fate (she's my favorite!).

See, I told you. Fate's expressions are priceless! LOL! Well, considering that the reason is Nanoha made this doujin really cute... She tried to act as some wife who welcomes her wifey (Fate) which was taken seriously by Fate while Hayate just amused herself by watching the two.

Fate has no idea regarding the real traditions on earth which was taken for granted by the other two. Hayate gave her an idea with Signum as the model which surprised Fate a lot. Fate's mind was confused and the two girls just continued with their mind blowing facts and exaggerated acts.

They were able to convince her to wear a kimono (more like a kappougi according to them) and made her do this and that (whatever that is). Nanoha and Hayate were really happy while Fate has this indescribable   reaction because of the devilish look and ideas of her two best friends.

Fate told Signum what happened but just like her, she was tricked by her mistress so Fate believed that what the two said to her were really true. Nanoha repented from the things that they did to Fate but the blond was the one who apologized first for not believing them. She even showed the DVD that Signum got from Hayate and surprised Nanoha for she know that whatever's inside that DVD isn't good.

The two were able to tell how they really feel and even cleared the misunderstandings. In the end, Nanoha told Fate that the information that was stored in the DVD was definitely wrong and she had a bad feeling that Hayate was the one who made it to fool Signum. XD

Baby! Baby! Baby!

NanoFate Doujin - Baby! Baby! Baby!

It's been a month since I last posted something in my blog. To start it off, here's a released from Nanofate.us. "Baby! Baby! Baby!" is another wonderful work by Tokoharu.With all the art and plot, you can really never get enough with Tokoharu's doujins. I saw the raws before that's why I was really anxious to see the scanlated one.

It's a very fluffy story about Nanoha and Fate. Nanoha admitted that she overheard when someone confessed to Fate and got jealous. Fate reassured that she turned it down and how much she likes Nanoha. She tried to convince Nanoha but the girl only thought that she was the only one who was sulking that made her feel down. Fate tried to apologize but Nanoha said that she will forgive her if she will give her a kiss and guess what??? Of course they kissed but Fate teased her a little by kissing her in the cheek but immediately kissed her in the lips when Nanoha starts to cry. Fate confessed how much she loves Nanoha but she also likes it when she smiles with everyone else. Fate being a smooth talker also said that Nanoha's kiss is hers alone or else, she'll get jealous that made Nanoha really happy. 

Here's another extra something that will make your heart flutter. Awww... Tokoharu always amaze me with the doujins and I'm really glad that there's Nanofate.us that features Nanoha and Fate. *thumbs up*

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