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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sasameki Koto - Chapter 39

Sasameki Koto - Chapter 39

I was looking for some summaries and translations and I found this. It can't be help since I really can't read the writings here. After many attempts of non-stop searching, I was able to find this.

Special thanks to yukarishizu who made this summary...

Here's her summary:

Sasameki Ch39:

It’s mostly about the the vote for the school Student Council President, Sumika VS a Guy and it seems that the students is talking about Sumika more than the Guy like saying she’s strong and being popular.

Meanwhile, it seems like Kazama and Aoi are writing an article about the Sumika and is posting into their school webpage.

Gossip about the kendo club and some about the Girls Club.

Kazama notice some mistake in her article so she went to correct while Aoi was impress that Kazama article was very good and Aoi notice that Kazama article is familiar but she can’t remember where she read it before.The both of them then discuss about Kazama interest in books and ask if she read Yuri books~

Sumika father notice Sumika is not on the dinning table and ask where she is and it seems that Sumika went out with Kazama. Sumika dad mention that both of Kazama and Sumika relationship is so good until if Sumika were a guy, her dad will push them to married! The nanny reply that even if its a girl its okay to be together.

When Sumika and kazama is walking in night, Sumika said it the place felt like lover street, Kazama ask: next time where we should hang out at?
Sumika reply: lets see about that!

The Girls Club is at giving the the students flayers to boost up the vote for Sumika. There was a sentence that mention about the poor Sumika who was been drag by a teacher to become the Student council president.

During the chat between Aoi and Kazama, Kazama said that since Sumika was in Middle school, she has been helping out in school and she get along with anybody. Aoi then ask why Kazama handle the merit points for Sumika but Kazama said that if she were the one who handle then she might pull Sumika down.

The last part is an old lady calling for Kazama house but it seems that no one was there to pick up the phone.


By the way, if you want to get the raw, you can download it here.


I got this from http://yurilove-neko14.blogspot.com/.

Lucky!!! ^_^


Well, this past few weeks, I experienced many bad lucks starting with my Ipod wherein my files suddenly disappeared. The songs were really not that important since I can download it all over again even though it's 2000+ songs. My real worry is the mangas and doujins that I have downloaded. I was so anxious about it since I wasn't able to find a way to recover all of it.

Luckily, when I was doing some reformatting in my laptop the other day, I was able to find the solution to my problem and I was able to recover almost all of my files. Geez, it's a good thing that I didn't give up because I found out that my files were about 33 gigabytes already. I can't imagine myself trying to download those 33 gigabytes all over again and besides, there were also files that are irreplaceable. I'm even thankful that I was able to have a laptop that has a higher memory than the other one that I have. But ---- I'm still waiting to get the laptop that I really wanted. It's just that it's not available in our country. =D

Here's another good news for me. I was able to find summaries about my favorite mangas. The fact that I can't understand the foreign languages really bugs me because I've been dying to know what happen to those subsequent chapters. I'll just post them and I'm really thankful to those who translated and made some summaries to these chapters.

Sora no Woto Episode 4

Episode 4 - "Rainy Season Sky: Quartz Rainbow"

Rio's so overprotective when Kanata goes with Noel to get more parts for their tank, the Takemikazuchi. She checks the things that Kanata should bring although she also teases her. Filicia tells her that she looks like a protective mother but she was contradicted by Rio and tells her that she's the one who acts like the mom. Kureha was also there but she has no comment.

Kanata talks to Noel about the things that she sees while they were on the road but Noel doesn't reply to her. When they arrive at the shop run by Naomi, Noel suddenly talks and tells Kanata the facts about the things that she mentioned earlier. Noel's really smart. I wish I was smart like her too. ^_^

Later on, they run into Yumina and a couple of kids. The boy, Seiya, gets angry at them, since he hates soldiers due to the death of his parents.

Kanata and Noel head to a glass works factory, where they are having trouble replicating the optical lens needed for the tank. Kanata and Noël head to a glass works factory, where they are having trouble replicating the optical lens needed for the tank. Kanata reassures Noël that it is not the machines that are good or bad, but the people who use them. After speaking with the workers, Carl and Maria, they give Kanata advice that allows her to become better at playing the bugle.

Finally, Kanata was able to play the bugle much better than before. Meanwhile, Noël determines the effective lens samples by having Kanata check their pitch.

The tank lens finally works and Noël smiles for the first time in a while. 

Kanata really influenced her team members. Her personality also changes them in a very good way. =D

(source: wikipedia.org)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sora no Woto Episode 7.5 Part 4

Episode 7.5 - "Feast: The Fortress at War"


LET THE DRINKING BEGIN [Wahahaha!! XD] -----

Warning: Drinking is not advisable since it's the cause of many unexpected tragedies / events.

Hahaha, I'm just referring to this episode. Hhmm, now that I think about it, I haven't tried drinking yet. Talking about lame huh.

Kureha, who can't make herself drunk, finally understands that Filicia is really weak against alcohol. Well, my guess is that she got drunk before everybody else. Now that I think about it, I guess she got drunk when they were just preparing the lunch because after that she started to come up with weird ideas. Hehehe.

Here's the scene between Rio and Kanata. It looks like Kanata became the senpai while crying Rio is the kouhai.

Here's Filicia who is still drinking while Noel is already knocked out.

Here's the most hilarious pair. The Yumina and Shuko pair. Yumina lectures Shuko about gods while Shuko is listening to her very well. Hahaha. Is this what an alcohol can do??? It seems like they understand each other pretty well. Hahahaha. That's a sister for you!!!

The most embarrassing scene of Rio. It's nice that she decided to sing but the song sounded so old fashion. Well, whatever. as long as the other girls enjoy her singing.

Awwww, poor Kureha. She just sits in a corner while watching the others. Hhhmm, no worries. Her lonely night will end soon.

Now here's the climax of the episode (for Kureha). Filicia invites her to take a bath with her but she was declined by Kureha. Filicia still insisted since she wanted them to have some skinship so she she calls Kanata and Yumina. After that, uhhhmmm,, errrrr, well ---- i think many things happened. Kureha's lonely night became a tragic night (for her) that remained a mystery. Who knows what they did after that so I'll just leave it to your imaginations. Hahaha. LOL! XD

After that night, it seems that Yumina can't remember any details about the alcohol incident. The others except Filicia were experiencing hang over including Shuko.

The last scene is where Kureha finishes her narration while cursing the idea of drinking and getting drunk. Hahaha. It looks like she really experienced a very horrible night that she even cried because of it. Poor her. XD

Kureha's last words of wisdom. (Note: Just want to remind you that she's still alive. Hahaha.)

----- End

Because of this episode, the mystery on how Kanata discovered the secret of distillery is finally unveiled.

Geez, this is really my favorite episode in this anime. Seeing them so out of their character will really make you laugh (non-stop!). This episode is way too different among the other episodes and it's really worth watching for. I really mean it!!! Hahahaha. =D

Sora no Woto Episode 7.5 Part 3

Episode 7.5 - "Feast: The Fortress at War"



Looks like the girls are back to normal as they take a bath but Yumina is still unconscious because of drunkenness. Just like what I said earlier, their tea has Calvados that's why they became delusional and treated the game extremely serious.

Meanwhile, Yumina is finally awake and she saw Shuko drinking some of the Calvados.

After taking a bath, Kanata promises that she will keep the distillery a secret.

Now, here comes our nun!!! Or is she not?? Seeing her likes this made me thought that this is more fitting to her than being a nun. No, no --- I didn't mean being a drunkard. What I meant is her being just a carefree person and not a nun that is too formal and modest. She suits more on becoming a part of the platoon, don't you think? If I have no background about this anime, I would never thought that she is actually a nun. Watching her at this state was so hilarious. Hahaha. XD

Because of the unexpected situation, Filicia suggests that Kanata should formally try drinking which was immediately approve by Kanata. Kureha tries to stop them but Filicia still insisted on drinking.

----- To be continued

Sora no Woto Episode 7.5 Part 2

Episode 7.5 - "Feast: The Fortress at War"



The reaction of Kureha when Yumina joins them was so funny. The military uniform really suits Yumina and it seems like she's really enjoying the mock battle. She and Kanata don't even feel nervous at all. Noel on the other hand is getting more serious that she even challenges Rio.

Looks like the alcohol is starting to affect them. Hahaha. XD

Noel is really into this mock battle. I mean, what's with the Gatling gun and she even said that it was made just in case so does that mean she's expecting something like this will happen. She even has this evil laugh and eyes. Hahahaha. It's so out of her character. Yumina and Kanata were just stunned just by watching her.

Meanwhile, the Rio's team is planning on how to defeat Kanata's team. Kureha's so funny when Rio gave her a mission and she's having trouble carrying the two buckets of red dyes. While Kureha's suffering, Rio's very enthusiastic and serious about the battle just like Noel.

Here's the scene where Yumina tells Kanata her past. While they were having a conversation, Kanata suddenly hears something and holds Yumina. Looks like Yumina thought about something else like confessing (or maybe it was just my imagination). Well, if ever I'm right, it will be like ---- so, even sisters thinks that way too huh. Hehehehe. Consider it as if it's a Shoujo-ai moment. *cough* Anyway, it seems like Kanata's hearing is really sharp for her to be able to hear the attack. I mean, she was able to used her perfect pitch to avoid Rio's attempt of shooting them.

Here comes the revenge of Kanata's team. Noel is really into the mock battle already. It's almost like she wants to annihilate the other team. Wahahaha... XD

Now, the extreme scenes starts here although it's already extreme from the beginning of the episode... Hahaha.. Filicia and Rio act like they're lovers wherein Filicia is sacrificing herself for Rio's sake. They really get into the character. There's blushing, sweet talking, holding hands and some dramatic  partings. Wait! Maybe this is another type of fan service or some Yuri moments, is it??!! Hhhmmm, nah... I think they're just drunk.! Hahaha. When did Sora no Woto becomes some Yuri anime??!! Hahaha. XD

Things are getting serious, weird, ridiculous and hilarious etc. Filicia was shot with a red dye but somehow it became some classic anime wherein blood comes out from her mouth (how did she do that??!). She's even soaked in blood, falls into the ground (in slow motion) and even says her last words. 

Note: Just to remind you, it's just red dye.!!! Hahaha..!!!

After Filicia was eliminated, Rio cries and tries to take her revenge at Kanata's team by loading dye then shoots the other team (repeatedly). Oh, Kureha was there. It's just that she's confused about what's happening and said,

"What the hell is going on?"

Hahaha, that's right. What the hell??!! All I did was laugh when I was watching this episode. XD

During the battle, Noel got shot and then tells the other girls that she still wants to do many things. After she falls, Yumina got shot too and the scene gets melodramatic again.  Just like what happened to Rio's team, there was crying, holding hands and saying of some emotional last words. After Yumina was eliminated, Kanata looks at Rio with hatred.

Hahaha, I wanted to feel really feel sorry for those who got shot but I really can't stop laughing and at the same time confused about what's happening. LOL!!! XD

Here comes the final battle between Kanata and Rio at the distillery. There was even a moment where Kanata reminisces about Noel and Yumina who just passed away (but in reality they were just eliminated in the mock battle =D). Oh, Kureha was still there. It's just that she's confused about what's happening and at the same time ignored by the other two so she was just there watching them. Hahahaha. 

The battle ended when Kanata was able to shot Rio then Rio says her very emotional last words to Kanata. After Rio died (although she's still alive, hehe), Kanata cries again. Oh, seriously, Kureha was still there but she just said, 

"What the hell is going on?"

-----> To be continued

Sora no Woto Episode 7.5 Part 1

Episode 7.5 - "Feast: The Fortress at War"


Hehehe, to start with the 101st post, I think I will post my most favorite among the episodes of Sora no Woto.

Actually, it's just a one part episode but because I have so many pictures to post, I decided to posts the episode with several parts. Besides, this is my most favorite episode in Sora no Woto. I have watched this so many times and I still can't get enough of it. Hahaha. XD

At first, I thought that there was some sort of serious tragedy happened because of the scene wherein Kureha is writing in her diary (something like that) while there was a heavy rain. It looks really serious, right???


While the girls are preparing for lunch, Sister Yumina came to visit them. They invited her to lunch and she was surprised when Kureha uses a brandy in cooking. She immediately objects and tells Kureha that they should not drink until they reach the age of 20. Because of this, Kureha was alarmed and tells Filicia that they shouldn't let her know that they were the one who made the Calvados. Filicia calmly agrees and added that it's not just Sister Yumina but Kanata as well.

Meanwhile, Rio is trying to keep Kanata away from the alcohol distillery so that she won't discover their secret. Rio was so funny here when she tries to stop Kanata from looking inside the distillery. Hahaha.

Rio tells Filicia about what happened so Filicia tries to think of a plan. Somehow, she has this diabolical smile that will you a feeling that something big will happen. Hehehe.

While Rio and Kureha are trying their best to avoid Kanata's non-stop questions, Filicia gave them a special brew of tea, spiked with their home-made alcohol. Because of overhearing  the conversation, Yumina interrogates and makes Rio promise among the gods that she's really telling the truth. The tension increases that made the girls drink more tea. Hahaha. XD

Filicia suggests a mock battle using water guns that, if Kanata's team wins, she would be told the truth. I'm telling you, don't be deceive by the kind face of people like Filicia. Scary!!! Hahaha...

-----> To be continued

Strike Witches Season 2 - Episode 4 Part 2

Strike Witches Season 2 - Episode 4 Part 2

Hehehe... This is the 100th posts here.  Is this what they called an accomplishment?!!! Hahahaha... *sigh* If only I can put my energy in studying too... Hahaha... =P It's just that this is more fun.

I cut the episode since making it as a one post is too long.

Warning: Too much of this episode might cause you a severe loss of blood due to nosebleed so beware !!!! ---- Hahaha... I'm just kidding... It's just that every time I watch this, it seems like fanservice (something like that) is increasing... =P

 Here's another fan service for all those people who love Strike Witches. Nyahahaha. XD Hhmmm, I'm just wondering if they don't get their skin burn because of the the heat using the oil drums (It's still made of metal, right?). Maybe because I haven't tried it yet that's why I got curious.

Round 3 : Race of Speed!!!

Winner: Barkhorn.

She said that it is as if she's being pulled by the angels but after that, it's like she's been pulled down by the devils. It's a good thing that she was rescued out there. Even though she won the three consecutive rounds, I can't consider it as an absolute victory since it caused her a really serious consequence.

Because of the incident, Barkhorn was punish and the use of the striker was disallowed.

Warning: Don't try this at home. You can't recover by straining yourself more. What a stubborn patient. Hehehe.

A neuroi attacked and the witches were having a hard time to destroy it but when Barkhorn came, she just defeated it in a minute. That was really fast. =O

The striker malfunctions so Charlotte rescues Barkhorn. She's really an expert when it comes to high-speed and it looks like Barkhorn enjoys sleeping in her chest too. Lucchini getting furious about it is so hilarious. Charlotte on the other hand looks so adorable.

Aaaargggh, too much supplies of potatoes. Even though it's delicious, there's just too many potatoes. HHmmm, I like french fries but I can't iet it without ketchup. Weird huh.??

By the way, the twin sister of Hartmann isintroduced here. The ending is same as the beginning. It starts with the argument and ends up with another argument. Hahaha. XD

Now I know why I have that sort of odd feeling whenever I see her because it's not just one Hartmann but two!!! Hehehe. Although they are twins, their personalities are so different. The older sister is so carefree while the other one is well mannered and very polite. Sooooo Cute!!!

Strike Witches Episode 4 Part 1

Strike Witches Season 2 - Episode 4 Part 1

Warning: Too much of this episode might cause you a severe loss of blood due to nosebleed so beware !!!! ---- Hahaha... I'm just kidding... It's just that every time I watch this, it seems like fan service (something like that) is increasing... =P

Sooo--- this episode starts here in this scene... *nosebleed* Charlotte is trying to test her striker when Barkhorn comes in to scold her about her attire. Well ----- uhhhmmm,,, eeerrrrr,, pink really suits her. In my opinion, I think she's the most attractive person among the Strike Witches.

Next, we see Lucchini with her sleeping position. It's really amazing that she doesn't fall up there. If it was me, ---- errr, I'm kinda afraid of heights so I can't even go up there in the first place.

Next is Hartmann. It seems like she just woke up.

Well, I really don't know if you can call that stripping down since they still have their undergarments. Besides, they just need to add a top clothing to call it decent so what's the harm with just wearing undergarments if they don't even wear pants. Nyahahaha... =D

This is the scene wherein the new prototypes are introduce. This proves that girls also likes fast rides and cool gunnery.

Barkhorn and Charlotte were arguing on who will test the striker first but in the end, it was Lucchini who was able to try it. But there was some sort of problem regarding the striker that scared Lucchini. The part with her tail was so funny. She looks like a cat that got hit by an electricity. But well, she has the ears and tails of a black leopard. XD

Because of what happened to Lucchini and what she told to Charlotte, she didn't dare to try the striker.

Barkhorn and Charlotte continues to argue so they ended up on having a competition.

Round 1 : The person who flies higher wins!!!

Winner: Barkhorn ---- reported by Eila and Sanya. It's surprising that both of them are awake since they are working at night and sleeping at daytime.

Round 2 : Arsenal Load Competition!!!

Winner : Barkhorn.

The funny part here is when Perrine told Charlotte that she should start with shedding off some weight on her chest then Lynette blushes while Yoshika has this odd look on her face. Hahaha. Well, it's a good thing that those three are really close.

----> To be continued in Part 2

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sora no Woto Episode 3

Episode 3 - "The Squad's Day: Rio Runs"

The morning started with a very unique sound coming from Kanata. Hehehe. She's still not good in playing her bugle. Seems like the other members of the platoon and the town's people are used to it.

The others went out to restock their supplies while Kanata spends the afternoon having a music training with Rio. Suddenly, Kanata faints because of fever that reminds Rio about her mother who was then ill.

Rio even got confused because of Kanata's condition that she even look for a snow at their stock room even though that's impossible to find something like that there.

Rio can't find any medicine so she asks the help of a a priestess named Yumina, who diagnoses her with three-day fever and treats her. Finally, Rio was able to relax. It's just that she was too worried and she doesn't have a clue on how to give a sick person a first aid treatment.

Here's how a person from an army and church show their gratitude and respect for one another. It's way too formal and different.

Meanwhile, Kanata is having a dream about her past. It was the time when she met Iliya. Kanata's so cute here.

Rio was surprised when Kanata touches her when she woke up. Then, she tells Rio that she has always been useless and has caused troubles for others. She also mentions to Rio that she always wanted to play a song, having heard it from a trumpeter she met when she was younger.

Rio explains to her that there are many things of the past inside the tank Takemikazuchi, among which is Amazing Grace, the song they both have heard, but played by a full orchestra. Rio explains that a squad, much like an orchestra, cannot be completed without a member. Because of Rio's words, Kanata cheers up again.

*Squeal* Rio's so cute when she was young and her sister looks so kind and beautiful. 

Awwww, because of Kanata, Rio shows more soft expressions than before she met her.

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