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Oh right.... If I have some mistakes, please don't hesitate to tell me. Comments or even suggestions will do especially in my grammar... I'm aware that I have some but I just don't know where. I'm prone in making mistakes so please bear with me...

Again, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! c^_-)v

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ekaterina "Katja" Kurae

Ekaterina "Katja" Kurae...

Aaargh, until now, I haven't recovered my files yet so I will just stick for featuring my favorite characters. Today, I will feature Katja from Seikon no Qwaser. I've always wanted to feature her but her images were so limited and the anime isn't finish yet.

Ekaterina Kurae (a.k.a. "Katja") is a ten year old girl who was supposedly sent to St. Mihailov Academy as a transfer student from Russia, and also because Miyuri Tsujidou wanted a foreign friend of her own to compete with the bond that Tomo and Mafuyu shared with Sasha. On the outside, she maintains a sweet, innocent exterior as Miyuri lavishes her with expensive gifts. In private, Katja appears to be a domineering, manipulative girl and a Qwaser who has traveled to Japan for reasons known only to her. Shortly after arriving in Japan, she made Hana Katsuragi into her obedient slave (which her friend Miyuri doesn't seem to notice), and continues to lord over her in a sort of S&M relationship despite being half her height. She carries a life-sized copper puppet named Anastasia with her in a coffin and sometimes refers to it as "mother," though it is unclear why she does so. However, she manipulates the copper puppet for many tasks ranging from attacking her enemies to simply restraining and teasing her slave girl, even if it does waste her "Soma" to do so. (source: animevice.com)

She is my favorite character in Seikon no Qwaser. This "little naughty devil" has the ability to capture her viewers hearts because of her attitude and cuteness. Despite her evil schemes and naughty ideas, she can still be reliable in times of need and sweet to others especially with Hana and Miyuri. I just love watching her and I guess the reason why I started to watch Seikon no Qwaser is because of her.

-- video made by SchwarzerVirus

Thursday, June 17, 2010



Song: Dame!
By: Rie Kugimiya
Character: Nagi Sanzenin
Anime: Hayate no gotoku!
CD name: Hayate no Gotoku! ~ Hayate the Combat Butler Character CD 3 Nagi Sanzenin

I first heard this song in episode 20 of Hayate the Combat Butler and after that, I listened to it for several times. I even recorded it in my cellphone because the scene together with the song was so funny and cute. I can't seem to find on where I can download this but what the heck, I can still listen to it online. ^_^

--Video made by Jachanxxx

Nagi Sanzenin

Nagi Sanzenin...

Today, I will feature Nagi Sanzenin who's also one of my favorite charcters. I guess all i can do is to feature my favorite characters since until now, I haven't recover my collections of manga yet. *sigh* But still, I hope that I can recover the files (crossed fingers)...

Nagi Sanzen'in is the only heir to the Sanzen'in fortune. She is short-tempered, spoiled, and immature, but ultimately good-natured. She has an otaku-level hobby with manga, anime and video games, and draws her own manga, which is called Millennium Legend: Magical Destroy. She is good at finance and likes to learn. She has a large crush on Hayate, and has misunderstood that Hayate loves her since they first met. But because this is only a misunderstanding, she often feels that Hayate isn't interested in her. She sometimes tries to make him take an interest in her in many ways, but her plans tend to end up in failure.

Nagi's only surviving family is her grandfather, whom she greatly dislikes. She regards Maria as a mother or older sister figure, and warns Hayate not to touch Maria in any indecent way or dying will be the least of his worries. She has a pet white tiger, Tama, whom she regards to as a family cat. Her mother is shown in Volume 12 of the manga.

Because of her pampered existence, she lacks any worldly knowledge and is even incapable of looking after herself. In one episode, in the absence of both Maria and Hayate, she was shown to be incapable of even making tea on her own, wrecking the mansion in the attempt. Nagi is mortally afraid of the dark (due to an incident with Isumi) and so shares her bed with Maria in the nights.
Nagi spent most of her younger years living outside Japan. Because of her family's wealth, she became the prime target of the Sicilian Mafia and other criminal organizations. Nagi disliked being a target and spent most of her days indoors playing video games and watching TV and hence slowly becoming a hikikomori. Hayate, Maria, and Klaus worry about her well-being because she likes to play games until late at night and skip school so they encourage her to leave the house or invite guests for a party. She begins to go to school more often after Hayate transfers to her school. Despite her laziness, Nagi is a highly intelligent student. She skipped grades and is currently in the first year of high school and in the same class as Hayate.

"Nagi" (凪, Nagi?) means "windless, calm", which seems to be the contrast to Hayate, "gust of wind." However, according to Nagi in a 4-koma on the cover of Volume 13, she was named as such because her mother "wished that she'd mow down ("nagi" (薙?)) everything in this world." (source: wikipedia)

She's really my favorite character from Hayate the Combat Butler. For me, she's the cute "litte Hikikomori princess" that can take anyone's admiration by her cutenes and charm. I really like her tsundere character that makes me laugh and think that she's really cute in her own ways. It's like Hayate the Combat Butler's nothing without her (in my opinion). Well, obviously, the anime's really hilarious but it's like the anime will never be complete without her. So so so cute...*squeal*

Finding the images (credits are given to those who made these images) was really hard but still worth it since she's really one of my favorites. ^_^

--Video made by LuciaNanamiFan1

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chikaru Minamoto

Chikaru Minamoto...

Another character that I really wanted to feature today is Chikaru Minamoto...

Chikaru Minamoto has shown herself to be a natural leader as she is the president of several functions: the student council of Lulim, the Transformation Club (where members cosplay various themes), the Secret Club (where members try to solve mysteries), and a variety of other clubs which she regularly creates, such as the Waiting First in Line Club. She has a friendly personality and enjoys helping others when they need it, which makes her an excellent candidate for the student council. Also, Chikaru tends to be very knowledgeable about the schools and their inner workings. When in Astraea student council meetings, she often lets the other two school representatives argue with each other while she sits back and observes their behavior. She is not easily perturbed and frequently helps out those who have trouble, regardless which school they attend.
Chikaru has exhibited a strong familiarity and faculty with the arts in costume design, costume creation and acting. She plays the title role in Astraea's production of Carmen, as well as designing the costumes for the show. In the manga and light novels, she has a bit of a more hidden agenda that she sees Lulim as a dark horse and sees the conflict between Spica and Miator as a means to push Lulim to prominence.

A mother, sister, friend, classmate --- oh what the heck, she's everything you could ask for. She's a character from Strawberry panic. For me, she's a very cute, hilarious and caring person. She's simply the best. Even though she doesn't have any love interest, it doesn't really matter. It's because she is the type of character that anyone would fall for and anyone would easily love her. That's Chikaru Minamoto for you!!!

--- Video was from Thesongofthe12 and images from Photobucket

Urumi Kanzaki...

Urumi Kanzaki...

Since I can't recover yet my saved files... I'll just stick with featuring my favorite characters... *sigh*

Today, I watched GTO but not all of its episodes. I only watched episodes about Kanzaki Urumi...

The antithesis to the "dumb blonde" stereotype, Urumi Kanzaki is a prodigy, with an IQ over 200. She is also a heterochromatic, possessing different colored eyes: one brown and one blue.However, she is psychologically disturbed, having her fair share of hate toward teachers. Her genius is displayed repeatedly by such abstract actions as the detonation of time bombs (i.e. firecrackers in disposable boxes) and making a harmless snake look like a cobra using paper cutouts. Her intellect is also shown through actions, such as shouting curse words in French and being able to speak fluent Mandarin. On the trip in Okinawa, Yoshito Kikuchi noted that she can speak 5 languages, but ironically, she doesn't understand what her Gundam otaku roommates say.

She grows extremely infatuated with Onizuka, to the point of wanting to elope with Onizuka. Urumi takes a more stereotypical role of a character that prefers the use of violence, in response to jealousy - she is often seen beating Onizuka mercilessly every time he tries to fulfill his pervertedness. Urumi states Onizuka should wait for her hormones to start kicking in, because she's sure that she would have a bouncing body by then. Like Noboru Yoshikawa, her loyalty to Onizuka is extremely strong, to the point that she would consider suicide, if he were to die, knowing that her own life is worthless without him around.

I just remembered her when i thought about GTO then out of the blue, I searched for it and watched it. I like the angel-devil personality of Urumi here. Even though she has done so many evil schemes, she can't be blame because of her past. But, in latter episodes, she used her knowledge to help others especially her friends and Onizuka. She's a cool beauty and a prodigy at the same time... So so so cool!

Aaaaaarrrggghh... What a Bad Luck!!!!

Aaaaaargghh... The files in my Ipod are missing.... So much for bad luck huh...?!! What's worst is that it contains my favorite manga.... *sob*

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nanoha's Prince

Nanoha's Prince

"Nanoha's Prince" was translated by Soljashy and released by Nanofate. It's just a four page manga but it's still cute. Nanoha gives Fate a new hair-style and compliments Fate that she looks like a prince. Fate replied to Nanoha that if she would look like the prince of Nanoha then it's really a big compliment. Nanoha blushes and told Fate that she would love to have Fate as her prince and they started to have their own world. Vita and Signum also have their appearance here wherein Vita can't stand Fate and Nanoha flirting with each other and Signum who has gotten used to it. =D

Second First Kiss

Second First Kiss

Second First Kiss was scanlated by Wings of Yuri. As always, it's about Nanoha and Fate. It starts when Fate kisses Nanoha when they were in elementary. The next scenes are during their high school. When Nanoha and Fate parts with their friends, Suzuka and Arisa kisses each other and they told the gang that it is normal in overseas. By the way, Hayate also made her appearance here with her groping habit. *cough* Anyway, back to Fate and Nanoha. On their way home, Nanoha told Fate that she thinks that it's normal to kiss someone then Fate suddenly told her that maybe they could try it too. Nanoha holds Fate and said that it's ok if it is with Fate. Then, when they were close to kissing, Fate pushes Nanoha away and asks her if she's sure in what they were about to do. Nanoha, with an annoyed face (so cute), immediately replied,

"Isn't it too late to be saying that?",

"Haven't you stolen one from me before while I was asleep?"

Fate abruptly looks away embarassed because of what she discovered from Nanoha. While they were having a quarrel, Nanoha, without a notice, kisses Fate.  Nanoha then told Fate that the kiss their official first kiss and Fate who's speechless just smile at Nanoha. Then, Nanoha held Fate's arm and said,

"If it turns out friends can't do this after all, you wont have any problem of us no longer being friends right?"

That night, Nanoha called Arisa to thank her for what they did. Arisa replied that what they have done was really embarassing but Nanoha just told her that maybe Arisa would just want her photos with Suzuka doing incredible things be sent. Arisa who was completely defeated just apologized to Nanoha.

This doujin is really cute showing the angel-devil personality of Nanoha when she plotted all her schemes just to get her beloved Fate. So adorable!!! =D

Hyakko doujin - Tora Heart (Energia)

Tora Heart (Energia)

Tora Heart was released by Wings of Yuri. It's about two girls in their secret rendezvous spot and some peeping Tom. Torako is getting clingy with Touma but Touma told her not to get any closer. Torako told her that maybe Touma doesn't like her anymore but Touma replied immediately that the reason was because she might not hold back because Torako's just too cute and she just loves her so much. Well, after they've warmed up each other (in a hot way), they went home together. On their way home, Touma noticed that Torako's hand was cold so she puts Torako's hand in her pocket to warm her up. Sweet ending, isn't it?! Of course, this doujin will be more appreciated when you read it... Oh and about the peeping Tom, she just decided to be satisfied with what she got. =D

Monday, June 7, 2010

Alter Ego [+18, Futanari]

Alter Ego [+18, Futanari]

Alter Ego was scanlated by "BoinChuu Loli" in their blog but i got the link from Nanofate. I really love this website because it features Nanoha and Fate (one of my favorite couples). I'm not really a fan of futanari but the art is really cute especially when they are being lovey-dovey. They really suit each other. Nanoha is cute when she gets shy then becomes pretty aggressive with her feelings for Fate. Well, they did IT!! and that's IT!!! I have said cute so many times that's why overall it's cute! =D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Clover Extra

Extra Chapter "Happy Days"

"Clover" by Hiyori Otsu is a series of one-shots scanlated and released by Lililicious. It focuses to four sisters with different story. The chapters ended with the chapter about Ichige but here's the extra chapter. Of course this chapter is the continuation of the story of Midori and Sugiura. Midori was awaken by Sugiura who prepares to leave for school. After Sugiura left, Midori reminisces about how long they've been dating and if she's happy with their relationship. At the bar, Midori talks to her friend about her relationship with Sugiura and how she suddenly wanted to take the bar exams without getting in a law school first. After an hour, Midori is already wasted and becomes very depressed about how she might hurt Sugiura's career because of rumors when other people finds out that she has a girlfriend. She asked for an advice from Tomo (her friend) of what she should do and her other problem about her having an unrequited love. Tomo told her that she should just break up with Sugiura but was immediately opposed by Midori because she's still in love with Sugiura. The next morning, she wakes up at Sugiura's apartment and Sugiura told her that Ichige was furious and doesn't want her to drink for a month. While they were talking, Sugiura starts studying again that pisses off Midori. One night, Midori calls Sugiura and asks her to go to a movie tomorrow. Sugiura told her that there's something she needs to do but was persuaded by Midori after a while.

During their date, Sugiura fell asleep that made Midori thinks that their love is already gone. After the movie, Midori immediately left but Sugiura chased after her. Midori told Sugiura that they should break up because things between them are not working anymore but when she looked at Sugiura, she saw her crying. Midori suddenly realized that Sugiura is the type of person who doesn't tell the most important thing. Later, Sugiura told her that she wanted to pass the bar exam for her to be able to support herself and be with Midori. She also added that she's scared to tell Midori because it might scare her off but Midori hits her and told Sugiura not to underestimate her because the truth is that she's really happy. Suddenly, Sugiura hugged her and said,

"So you'll marry me!"

Midori suddenly thought that she was somewhat set up but realized that a future where she could welcome Sugiura in their own home is really not a bad idea.

^_^ Sugiura and Midori is really my favorite couple among the characters in Clover. They have the most hilarious and romantic beginning and ending. Midori is like the tsundere type here but despite of this, she really love Sugiura. A cute extra chapter really suits them.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clover Chapter 4

Chapter 4 "Entranced"

"Clover" by Hiyori Otsu is a series of one-shots scanlated and released by Lililicious. It focuses to four sisters with different story. The fourth chapter is about Tachibana Ichige (the eldest of the four sisters). Kazuyo secretly admires Ichige ever since they met for about 10 years but Ichige has a boyfriend. One day, Ichige went to Kazuyo to invite her to go out with her because her boyfriend stood her up. While they were deciding on where to go, some guys asked them to have fun with them which was immediately accepted by Ichige but they were warned by Kazuyo. In some restaurant (looks like that to me), Ichige ordered many food and when they finished eating, Ichige and Kazuyo left the guys. Kazuyo went to Ichige's house to have dinner with her and her sisters (her sisters were so young here compared to other chapters). After dinner, they went to Ichige's room. Kazuyo asked Ichige what she wants to be when she grow up. Ichige told Kazuyo that she wanted to be a bride living in a big white house with a wonderful husband, three children and a dog. Kazuyo went home very depressed while thinking that she can't give what Ichige wants. The following day, she saw Ichige and Uzuki then accidentally saw Ichige's boyfriend with another girl but Ichige just ignored it. At Ichige's house, Ichige told her that she knew that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Kazuyo asked Ichige if she would break up with her boyfriend but Ichige said that she won't. Suddenly, Kazuyo said,

"What's so great about a guy who cheats on you?!"

"I would never forgive him!"

"...If it were me--"

"I'm the one... who... loves you..."

Ichige thanked Kazuyo but also explained that she planned on  dumping her boyfriend after she gets her revenge.

Kazuyo said to Ichige that she should stop saying things like that because it will scare off all her friends. Ichige replied,

"Huh? Really?"

"But you'll always be there for me, won't you? Forever."

It surprised Kazuyo and their conversation ended when they were called inside the  house. In the living room, Kazuyo and Ichige were thinking what they will wish for Tanabata. Ichige looked at what Kazuyo wrote and was surprised and moved at the same time. After a while, Fuuka read what Kazuyo wrote but didn't get it. She asked Ichige why Kazuyo wrote that she wanted to live next door to a white house but Ichige said that she doesn't know while smiling. 

The story was cute but I don't know if Ichige likes Kazuyo in the end. Hopefully yes but it felt like it's more of a no. It looks like Kazuyo is already satisfied just by being with Ichige's side. I thought that they will end up together now that Ichige's boyfriend left her for another girl and Kazuyo confessed to her (looks like that to me). Well, all's well that ends well.

Clover Chapter 3

Chapter 3 "Spring Love"

"Clover" by Hiyori Otsu is a series of one-shots scanlated and released by Lililicious. It focuses to four sisters with different story. The third chapter is about Tachibana Fuuka (the 2nd of the four sisters). Fuuka is the president of the student council but is always late for meetings that's why Hashimoto, the vice president, always picks her up. When she was taking a nap at the library, she accidentally heard Hashimoto and Ayako (Hashimoto's friend) talking. She tries to surprise Hashimoto but she was just hit by her and left. Fuuka talks to Ayako and discovers that Ayako likes Hashimoto then she asks her if she could tag along with them when they go to watch movies. Hashimoto was surprised when she found out that Fuuka was going with them. At the cafe, Fuuka compliments and touches Ayako that shocked Hashimoto and immediately left. The following day, Hashimoto apologizes to Fuuka then Fuuka tells Hashimoto that she should try confessing to Ayako and she would be surprise. After Hashimoto left, Fuuka reminisces the time when she first met Hashimoto and decided to be the president to be by her side. When Fuuka got home, she sat beside Ichige (the eldest) and told her that she got her heart broken. After Ichige heard the whole story, she told Fuuka that if she hears some pathetic story like that again, she won't let her get into their house again. The next morning, Fuuka went to the student council room early that shocked the other officers.

*sigh* I was really hoping that they would end up together but unfortunately it didn't happen. Anyway, it's a good thing that Ichige was there for Fuuka to comfort her.  Looks like when she came early to the student council room, it only means that she has already given up on Hashimoto.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Butterfly 69 - Sequel

Butterfly 69 - "Butterfly 69 - Sequel"

This is the sequel of "Butterfly 69" by Natsuneko , scanlated and released by Lililicious. Here, Ageha is now the director of some big company while Maria is now a very famous singer in a band. Ageha and Maria are very busy that's why they try to balance their relationship with their careers. Then, through the phone, they made an agreement to meet after a month and meet up at their usual spot. After a month, before Maria leaves, a big time producer asks them to meet Butterfly 69 (the name of their band). During their meeting, the producer says harsh words to Maria that pisseS her off and punch the producer. After that, Maria comes to Ageha while running and hugs her while saying i'M sorry and i miss you. Ageha trips Maria, kisses her and tells Maria that she will punish her for making her wait.

In the end, they made love and sleep together. *squeal* They truly love each other despite of many hindrances. How cute and romantic...?!

Butterfly 69 - extra

Butterfly 69 - "Butterfly 69 - extra"

Here's an extra of "Butterfly 69" from Sayuri-Hime 2 by Natsuneko. It was scanlated and released by Lililicious. Well, the images tell it all. Nothing more to say here other than there's a saying that "you reap what you sow". This one is really cute and funny four pages manga.

Butterfly 69

Butterfly 69 -- "Butterfly 69"...

"Butterfly 69" by Natsuneko was scanlated and released by Lililicious. It is a compilation of short stories and one of those stories is this, "Butterfly 69". Dynasty also made some scanlation which is the "Beautiful Pain". "Butterfly 69" is a about two music students. The first student is Ageha who's part of the discipline committee and comes from a rich family that's one of the important sponsor of St. Seraphim. The other girl is Maria who's known to be delinquent but a really good singer. Unknown to the teachers and students, Maria and Ageha are lovers. After the gig of Maria and her band, Ageha discovers that the band got an invitation to America but Maria is hesitating because of Ageha. Ageha tells Maria to fulfill her dream and that no matter what happen, she will always love her (awwwww...). Before Maria leaves, she sings in the auditorium for Ageha while sending a message to her that she will come back and will always love her. After five years, Maria comes back after becoming a successful singer.

Nightmare Syndrome

Nightmare Syndrome...

"Nightmare Syndrome" by Natsuneko was scanlated and released by Lililicious. This is a story about Vega, a vampire, and Elysia, a girl who wants to kill Vega to avenge her father. Even though Elysia always attempts to kill Vega, she still lets her live in her mansion. When Elysia's taking a bath, Vega joins her and kisses her. The next morning, the mansion's being attacked by some vampire slayers wherein Elysia discovers the truth about her father. Reynolds makes Elysia her hostage that made Vega surrenders herself. Elysia tries to save Vega but she was already shot when she killed Reynolds. To save Vega, Elysia gave her blood to her.

In the end, Elysia became a vampire to be with her beloved Vega and they both live happily together.

Clover Chapter 2

Chapter 2 "Bitter Girl"

"Clover" by Hiyori Otsu is a series of one-shots scanlated and released by Lililicious. It focuses to four sisters with different story. The second chapter is about Tachibana Midori (the 3rd of the four sisters). Midori works in a bakery where she meets Sugiura. She invited Sugiura to work there because her co-worker suddenly quits. During Christmas, Sugiura asked Midori to have a pretend relationship since both of them are single and Midori accepted it. They started going out and as time passes by, Midori started to like Sugiura that made her think if she has those sort of leanings. One day, Sugiura comes over to Midori's home where Uzuki (the youngest sister) and Fuuka (the 2nd of the four sisters) were introduced. Midori finally discovers that she's in love with Sugiura. The next morning, a guy gave his contact number to Midori and asked Midori to contact him if she's interested. After that, Sugiura said,

"That's it for our pretend-dating. That was quicker than I expected."

Then Midori replied,


"G-geez, I sure am popular, huh?"

After their shift, Sugiura kisses Midori and says her goodbye to her. Midori felt depressed and regrets that she agreed to have a pretend relationship with Sugiura. Suddenly, she realizes that she should stop sulking and tell Sugiura her true feelings. She was surprised when she saw Sugiura crying and told her that Sugiura was in love with her.

After that, Midori comes over to Sugiura's home where she finds out that Sugiura really came from a rich family. She also discovers that Sugiura hates sweets and it's because of her that's why Suguira comes to the bakery everyday.

*squeal* This is really my favorite among the four chapters of Clover. It's very funny and romantic too. I'm really happy that Midori and Sugiura ended up together for real.

Clover Chapter 1

Chapter 1 "Next to Her"...

"Clover" by Hiyori Otsu is a series of one-shots scanlated and released by Lililicious. It focuses to four sisters with different story. This first chapter is about the youngest of them, Tachibana Uzuki (she's already 16 years old here). She accidentally met Sakurai Shiho in the train while she's attempting to climb in the luggage rack. Her underwear was seen by Shiho that embarassed her. At school, she was surprised when Shiho transferred and became her seatmate in their class. Uzuki was very nervous that her secret (about the train incident) will be revealed that makes Shiho wants to tease her (sort of...). Uzuki shows Shiho around the school then she found out that Shiho broke some rules in the her first day in school. Uzuki decided to lend Fuuka's (the 2nd of the four sisters) uniform to her so they went to Uzuki's home together where Midori (the 3rd of the four sisters) was introduced. The next day, Shiho broke some rules again wherein Uzuki was scolded too. During lunch break, Uzuki was depressed because she's not getting along with her classmates anymore then she got pissed off of what Shiho said to her. Back to her home, Ichige (the eldest sister) and Midori notice Uzuki going straight to her room. Midori went to Uzuki's room telling her that Shiho came and returned the uniform of Fuuka. The next morning, students talk about Uzuki being called in the staff room and the reason is because she used the nail polish that Shiho has given to her. Later, Shiho asked Uzuki what she's really doing when they first met. Uzuki told her the reason that made Shiho burst out laughing. Finally, they ride the train and tried the thing that Uzuki was attempting to do when they first met.

I can't say that there's love between Shiho and Uzuki but I like the idea about breaking the rules. It's not really fun to be the obedient one always (it's sophocating). Sometimes, we need to try to break some rules to enjoy...hahaha...

My Favorite Couples...