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Friday, March 4, 2011

Only To You - Part II

Only To You - Part II

This will be the second and last part of the Fan Fiction that I made... 

It is a Nanoha x Fate pairing. Again, you have the discretion to read it or not...

^_-)v To those who will read this... I hope that you will like it....

During lunch time…

"Where's Fate-chan..? It's lunch time already…" Nanoa said to herself as she searched for Fate.

"Ne, Ne… Nanoha-chan… Over here…" Hayate signaled as if she's asking her to come to her as she pointed on something… or someone.

The taller brunette walked towards Hayate and saw a certain blond and another girl facing each other at the back of the school. The two brunettes hid themselves as they try to listen to the conversation.

"Fate-sempai… I-I really like you!" The girl said that surprised Fate and the other two who were currently hiding beside a wall. "Please go out with me!"

"What? Fate-chan's mine!" Nanoha said but she was shush by Hayate.

"Uhhhm… I'm sorry but I have to decline." The blond said while scratching the back of her head not wanting to offend the girl.

"That's right! Fate-chan's mine so back off girly!" said the brunette as quietly as possible and smirked.

"Yada-yada…" Hayate said as she rolled her eyes because of her best friend's statement.

"Why, Fate-sempai?" The girl said with tears starting to roll in her eyes and clenched her fists. "Is it because you're dating somebody now? You always reject confessions… Why?"

The girl walked, almost a few inches away from Fate and grabbed the blond's arms. "Is she popular too? Smart? Good looking? Please tell me sempai!"

Nanoha straightened up and turned away from them not wanting to hear the conversation anymore. She even ignored Hayate who was calling her name. She just run… and run… and run as fast as she could… Away from everything…

'That's right. I'm just a normal girl' she thought to herself as she runs faster away from them. 'Not beautiful, smart, charismatic… even popular!'

Tears started to roll down on her face. 'Why did Fate-chan even chose me as her girlfriend?' She ran into the stairs ignoring the people looking at her as she passes them. 'There are more suitable girlfriends, even boyfriends for her other than me… so why?'

She opened the door and made her way to the rooftop. "Why chose a person as plain as me? Why? Why? Why?" Nanoha just let out her tears. Fortunately, there were no students in the rooftop that time around so she just let all her frustrations and insecurities out.

"I chose you - because I love you…"

Nanoha gasped and looked around. She saw her beloved girlfriend who was standing few feet away from her while catching her breath.

The blond sweats a lot and her uniform is quite messy from running, or more like she used her sonic move. But despite that, she never ceases to amaze Nanoha because she still looks gorgeous. She even noted that the girl is like a model, no… she can even beat those models because of goddess like features
"Fate-chan! How? When?" said the brunette who was still in shock after seeing the blond.

"I felt your presence." She took a step towards the girl.

"A very strong one…" And another few steps.

"Sadness." And another few steps.

"Insecurity and…" And another steps as she is now already in front of Nanoha.

The blond looked at the girl in front of her with very sad burgundy eyes. "I'm sorry if I always hurt you because of the fan issue and I'm really sorry that you overheard that confession…" She wiped Nanoha's tears carefully with her left hand. " Please don't cry…"

"Nyahaha… You're just imagining things Fate-chan…" The brunette forced a smile. "A dust went in my eyes that's why I'm In tears right now…"

Nanoha forced a laugh again. "Besides, I don't mind your fans since you're really famous. I understand Fate-ch—"

She was cut off when her girlfriend grabbed both of her cheeks. Burgundy eyes staring straight at azure eyes.

"Please… Please… Don't try to hide it…" Burgundy eyes stared at her with a mix of seriousness and sadness. "Not… Not when you're with me, Nanoha."

The blond hugged the brunette's waist and rested her forehead in the shorter girl's left shoulder.

Finally, the shorter girl broke in tears and hugged her girlfriend really tight as if she's going to disappear the moment she let go of her.

"Fate-chan! Fate-chan, I'm sorry!" The brunette continued to cry. "I don't know why… but when I saw you this morning with your fans… I can't help but think on why did you even chose me…"

The blond just rubbed her back to sooth her girlfriend as she listened to her girlfriend.

"And… and when I saw you with that girl confessing to you... My insecurities got into me and thought of why are you even with me… to a plain Nanoha… just an ordinary girl… unlike you who have the admirations of almost all the students and other people… God knows on how many of them out there…"

Much into her dismay, the blond pulled away a little but was surprised when the blond looked at her lovingly. She can't stop but admire the beautiful face of her girlfriend and if looks can melt someone, she might have already melted even during their first meeting.

"Nanoha… I already turned that girl's confession and I won't even think twice on rejecting other confessions over and over again because I know that you're the only one for me." She held Nanoha's cheeks again and smiled softly at her.
"Those fans…" She kissed her temple.

"… don't matter to me…" then kissed her left cheek.

"… because for me…." then kissed her right cheek.

"… Nanoha…" then kissed her nose.

"… is the only one whom I want to be with… for the rest of my life…"

Finally, she gave Nanoha a very deep and passionate kiss which surprised the brunette for a moment but immediately returned the kiss. They broke the kiss… and then kissed again… and again… and again…

A/N: Don't blame me… They love kissing so much… XD *victory sign*

They kissed for few minutes and finally broke it but with their foreheads not getting separated while staring at each other lovingly with their fingers intertwined.

Fate caressed Nanoha's right hand with her right thumb."I love you, Nanoha… very, very much."

Nanoha's heart skipped a beat because of the passionate declaration of the blond. She kissed Fate's lips again and smiled at her. "I love you too, Fate…" She kissed her again. "You're the only one for me… and I'm only for you and you alone…"

Fate pulled herself away from Nanoha as she smirked. "Good! Because I don't want to share you with anybody …"

"Possessive, aren't we…" Nanoha gave a mischievous look and smile. "… but—I like it!"

"Only to you, sweetheart…" Fate hugged her tightly which was immediately returned by Nanoha and whispered to her ears. "Only to you…"

Unknown to the two, there were three girls hiding in the door frame as they watch them in their own Lovey-dovey NanoFate world.

"Aargghh.. Cut me some slack! They really can't keep their hands off to each other!" Arisa said with her arms crossed.

"Shhh.. Arisa… Not so loud… They might find out that we're here…" the brunette said as she took pictures of the couple using her camera, full of NanohaxFate intimate pictures. "And I'm trying to get some great new pictures here so be a good girl and stay quiet… Why are you both here anyway?"

"Duh~~~ It's because we saw a crazy girl with an idiotic grin in her face running in the corridor and with the non-stop snapshots as if she's some paparazzi" said Arisa with a matter-a-fact tone.

"Hey! How rude! I'm just trying to support my two best friends that's why I followed them." Hayate pouted and crossed her arms. "I also took pictures as a remembrance for them, you know."

"Yeah, yeah… Supportive friend with many stolen shots of her best friends with the whole intimate moment... " the blond rolled her eyes because of her friend's twisted idea. "… Yeah right…"

"By the way Hayate, what happened to the girl and Fate after Nanoha left?" Suzuka asked that made Hayate looked at her and grinned.

"Oh that… Well…"

"Why, Fate-sempai?" The girl said with tears starting to roll in her eyes and clenched her fists. "Is it because you're dating somebody now? You always reject confessions… Why?"

The girl walked, almost a few inches away from Fate and grabbed the blond's arms. "Is she popular too? Smart? Good looking? Please tell me sempai!"

Fate pulled away the girl's hands slowly and looked at her softly. "No…."

"Then why?"

Fate took a deep breath and looked at the girl with sincere burgundy eyes. "It's because she's the only person that can make my heart skips a beat and always takes my breath away every time I'm with her or even just thinking of her. …" Fate smiled lovingly. "… and I know that no one can ever replace her here…" She closed her eyes and pointed at her chest where her heart is. "And I'm willing to give up everything, even this so called popularity if it means that I can be with her…"

The girl was speechless because of Fate's statement. She then sighed and smiled. "That person's so lucky to have someone like you, sempai."

Fate opened her eyes and smiled at the girl. "No~~~ I'm lucky to have her in my life. I won't ask anything else other than being with the person I love the most… and that's with her… and only her."

"Wait, Her?" The girl paused for a moment as she process Fate's choice of words. "Oh… Oh… A girlfriend..."

The blond just nodded with a loving smile in her face.

" I don't know what to say but…" The girl sighed and giggled. "… I'm happy for you Fate-sempai… Best wishes to you and your girlfriend."

"Thanks. I know I will… And thank you for confessing your feelings…"

With that, the girl bowed and left.

After classes….

The couple walked towards the school gate with their friends who walked few steps ahead of them. Again, the 'We Love You Fate' fan club were there, waiting for the blond. Nanoha insisted to increase her pace but was stopped when the blond grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer. The crowd was stunned when Fate suddenly fully kissed Nanoha on the lips.

"Fa-Fate-chan!" the brunette said as she blushed really hard. "You just!" She pulled away a little and looked at the crowd. "They just!" Then looked at Fate again. "You just-! Mou… Fate-chan… That's so embarrassing…"

Fate smiled innocently as if she didn't do anything… "What? I just wanted to show them that you only belong to me and I to you…" The girl winked at the brunette that made her flushed even more.

"Oh-ho~~~ I thought Nanoha-chan was the bold one but it looks like Fate got it good~~…" said Hayate with an amused looked and sly grin as she took some more pictures of the two.

"Oi! Stupid couple…! No flirting in public!" Arisa put a hand in her hip while tapping her right foot in the ground. "Geez… I swear… Do that in your own private room! Let's go home already!"

"Mah~~ mah~~ be easy on them Arisa-chan…" Suzuka giggled. "But that was quite a show coming from you two…"

Nanoha was about to say something when Fate grabbed her hand and dragged her towards their other friends. "Arisa's right… Let's go home now and…" Fate stopped in front of Nanoha… winked at her… smiled at her... and whispered in her ears seductively. "… let's continue this when we get home…"


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